The Life and Times of MetalMaxx

Is an On Air Personality at his home in East Tawakoni, Tx who plays Heavy Metal to a listening audience numbered in the 10s. Metal was always a large part of his long lived love for music. Coming from a childhood with influences such as Stevie Ray Vaughn who lived only a few short miles away in the same community of Dallas, Texas. When not in study of life and all it’s worth, he has spent a lifetime in and around the Music scene, whether as a bouncer at venues stretching from east to west and or south to north or as a bartender at same, and even a band roadie, he has always kept in touch with his roots in Dallas.
After a couple of years in hiatus he has decided to bless Dallas yet again with his special style and flair for the “different.” Hoping to gain new ground in the Indie Metal scene in Dallas, he has dropped all that was going on and has decided to.. ROCK YOUR FACE OFF!
Hold on it’s going to get HEAVY!
MetalMaxx can be reached at;
Or found


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