One History of Metal Part Deux

Now that you have picked yourself up from the floor where the PIT deposited you as you wind milled the night away last night, let’s get on with “A History of Metal Part Deux.”

Moving into the new millennium proved to be nothing new for Metal music as a whole, but it has brought about a couple of new sub-genre to help make the entire Metal scene to gain strength for a growing audience.  Among the new additions, of which this one, Folk Metal, (actual date of inception mid 1990s) has its roots sank into the tradition of Folk Music. I find this form to be very interesting myself. Steeped in fantasy, paganism, nature, mythology and history, Folk metal has come to stay. With the likes of Amon Amarth, Skyforger, Elvenking and many others, this unique form of Metal which sometimes uses traditional folk instruments is making a run on Traditional Metal for a top spot in the genre.

Making itself known, the newest sub-genre in the Metal scene is Metalstep/ Deathstep. Riding in on the ever-growing popularity of Dubstep, it is a new mix of sound that seems to be picking up steam like a locomotive out of control. Metals newest addition to the family is taking some older Metal songs as well as musicians and adding what is called “The Drop”, a heavy electronic bass line to the music and mixing it through the help of a mixer board and creating this wild EDM (electronic dance music). Some notables in this new sub are Jonathan Davis of the Metal band Korn who is presently touring under the name JDEVIL, as well as Igor Cavalera, from Sepultura’s Mixhell.

As it has been from the beginning and shall be for years to come Metal has had several messages in the music. Whether it be political, peace, hate or just about any number of topics you can imagine, it has to me always been about the sound, both instrumental and vocal. Remember this, anyone can make noise, but it takes an artist to make music. Having said that I will leave you with this. No matter what type of MUSIC you enjoy, if it be Beethoven or Black Sabbath, the choice to listen to what YOU like is ultimately YOURS. So don’t let others bully you into crossing the boundaries you set in your life. Stand up for the genre you like.. And if you like Metal and want to hear the newest bands as they emerge, stay tuned to Dallas Our City Radio in the near future as we embark on a mission to serve you, the Metalhead with just what you want and deserve. \m/ Rock On!


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